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Robotics technology that interacts with humans in real, virtual or teleoperated environments.
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years of knowhow and experience.

Meet the team of executives and technical leaders that make us Traxara.

TDrive – When the training is mission critical.

When driver training outcome is critical, rely on TDrive connected haptics and motion robotics for the best possible simulation.

Autonomous vehicle development with expert support at every step.

Game Engine Implementation

Create visual and sensor accurate on-road or off-road scenarios for testing with Unreal and Unity.

Vehicle Simulation

High-fidelity realtime wheeled, tracked, and legged robot simulation using advanced engineering tools.

Autonomy Stack Algorithms

From AI based perception to path-planning and vehicle control algorithm development.

Integrated Simulation Frameworks

Realtime simulation frameworks combining game-engines, simulation software, ROS, and more.

Traxara + you = faster development of robotics and autonomous systems.

Our experts create custom simulation test and development platforms by integrating realtime simulation, game-engines, robotics engineering tools and hardware.

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Helping you build the best simulators for driver-in-the-loop, training and testing with Traxara’s haptics, motion and simulation services.

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Seeing, and feeing, is believing. Visit with Traxara at one of these events so we can get to know you and better understand your goals.


Aug. 21-25

IAVSD is a leading international symposium bringing together researchers and engineers in the field of vehicle dynamics. The Traxara team will be attending, and we look forward to meeting you.


Sept. 6-8

Driver Simulation Conference brings together hundreds of driving simulation specialists. The Traxara team will be attending, and we look forward to meeting you.


Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

Traxara Booth 826

The world’s largest modelling, simulation and training event with more than 12,000 visitors. See demonstrations of our haptic controls and motion solutions, ready to plug and play.

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