Traxara custom hardware solutions for demanding haptic, motion and robotics applications.

From complete simulator integration to individual haptic controls, we help you build ultra-realistic experiences for training, driver-in-the-loop and remote equipment operations.
  • Development of specialized haptic controls for training applications in flight, medical, driving and other applications.
  • Unique motion solutions and integration of TMotion into your simulator system.
  • Design and development of high-fidelity electro-mechanical robotics hardware – from initial prototypes to low volume manufacturing.

Complete simulator

Traxara can develop complete simulator hardware for your application by integrating our off-the-shelf products and custom developed solutions to your specifications. From medical, flight, maritime, and driving operations – our hardware can integrate with your simulation software to create high-fidelity applications in training, driver-in-the-loop and remote equipment operations. We offer complete product design, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing services.

Image: PCNL Surgical Simulator developed in partnership with Intersoft.

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Helping you build the best simulators for driver-in-the-loop, training and testing with Traxara’s haptics, motion and simulation services.

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Haptic Controls for Training, DIL and Remote Operations

Getting the right sense of touch and motion in specialized controls is challenging. Traxara haptics and robotics experts will work with your team to replicate specific control hardware and create cost-effective passive or force-feedback haptic controls. Our experienced engineering team have developed solutions for many applications and industries. From initial prototype to low-volume manufacturing, we provide a complete design and build service for devices ready to integrate with your simulator application.

Aircraft Rudder Pedals

Haptic Arms

Aircraft Collective Control

Hardware Integration Support for Traxara Products

Traxara products are fast and easy to integrate with your simulator application. Clients often ask us to help with reviewing design, special mounting configurations and specialized accessories to mimic specific controls. We provide a complete design service to plan, integrate and manufacture accessory components to your specific needs.

TDrive is simply the most advanced integrated haptic and motion solution for driving simulation.

When the human interface must be right, rely on TDrive connected haptics and motion for the best possible results.

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