Traxara realtime simulation services for driver training and vehicle systems testing.

We help you build realtime vehicle systems and robotics simulators for training applications, autonomous systems development, driver-in-the-loop and testing.
  • From vehicle simulation to complete test environments using game engines such as Unreal and Unity.
  • Simulate any wheeled or tracked vehicle or robotic system.
  • Integrate with standard engineering and frameworks such as Matlab, ROS and engineering simulation tools.
  • Vehicles and robots interacting with their environment, from deformable terrain to manipulation of objects.

Our technology pillars.

We believe that by applying Machine Learning, Virtual Environments and Best-of-Class technology, the path to successful autonomy solutions in the real world is much shorter.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a powerful method to develop autonomous systems for perception, planning and control. We have many tools in our AI toolbox of course, but both reinforcement learning and supervised learning becomes practical and extensible to the real world when combined with simulation. ML-based algorithms can be deployed to practically solve challenges efficiently and safely.

Modeling & Simulation

Modeling & Simulation Realtime simulation of machines operating in unstructured and non-deterministic environments is an effective means to train and test AI. With effective application of M&S, the pace of machine learning based development can be accelerated. Whether it is a tractor on the farm or tank in the battlefield, Naisense can create physically accurate training environments for ML-based development.

Integrated Best-in-Class

We focus our energy on solving problems and not reinventing the wheel. That is why our strategy involves integrating existing best-of-class tools and technology whenever possible. Leveraging existing realtime simulation software, game engines, robotics platforms such as ROS and model-based engineering tools is key to project success.

Faster Testing of Autonomous Systems.

Traxara builds custom end-to-end realtime simulation environments suitable for both testing and AI learning applications. We are specialized in the realtime simulation of machines operating in unstructured and non-deterministic environments. We focus on high-fidelity, realtime simulation of mobile legged, wheeled and tracked machines and their interaction with terrain and other objects in their environment.

Integrate with custom motion and haptics.

For training and driver in the loop applications, Traxara can help you integrate vehicle simulation with our haptic and motion solutions.

Working with Traxara gets results

We are a passionate, talented, and tech-loving team of engineers and scientists with a long track record of success. Robotics and simulation do not need to be daunting, expensive, or complicated. We collaborate with you to identify the problem, understand the data, and customize a solution that works for you. From initial feasibility studies to functional prototypes, our experienced team will help you scale faster. Together, we will find practical solutions to your challenges.

Effectively Deploy Game Engines.

We are experts in the deployment of game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity for simulator applications. From the building of photorealistic terrains and environments to scenario design and sensor simulation, Traxara can help you build the content and tools needed to deliver your solution.

TDrive is simply the most advanced integrated haptic and motion solution for driving simulation.

When the human interface must be right, rely on TDrive connected haptics and motion for the best possible results.

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