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Our passion is robotics that interact with humans in real, virtual or teleoperated environments.

Our Story

Traxara is nestled in the tech-savvy heart of Montreal, where we engineer and build robotics technology and help our clients develop and deploy their own robotic and autonomous systems. Our company beginnings date back to 2014 at the creation of Touché Technologies, but the vision goes back even further. We began by building simulators that utilized force-feedback haptic robots and after failing and iterating we rapidly realized that the industry solutions were inadequate.

Robots must interact with humans in a transparent and natural way. Dr. Arnold Free and Dr. Kamran Ghaffari continued to forge a partnership which resulted in the birth of Traxara from the fusion of Naisense Solutions and Touché Technologies. Together, we continue to build our team of thinkers, doers and makers as we strive to create human-centric robotic technologies for our clients.

Our areas of expertise

We are an innovation-driven robotics technology start-up focused on human-centric applications in both real-world and virtual environments.

Haptics and motion for virtual and real environments

Traxara specializes in haptic and motion applications for simulated and real-world applications. We have a long track-record in building force-feedback haptic simulations in driving, flight and medical applications. Our motion solutions can be combined to create unique 1 to 6 DOF applications. Our motion processing and motion cueing software integrates with simulator platforms to produce excellent motion effects without the artifacts that cause motion sickness.

Robotic and autonomous systems development

Traxara works with your engineering team to develop robotics concepts and AI-based solutions for autonomous systems. We have expertise in the design and manufacturing of high-quality electro-mechanical products for specialized robotics applications. Whether it is optimizing existing solutions, interfacing component technology, or designing a novel system from the ground up, our team can help you accelerate the solution.

Modelling and simulation for robotics applications

Traxara builds custom end-to-end realtime simulation environments suitable for both robotics testing and AI learning applications. We are specialized in the realtime simulation of machines operating in unstructured and non-deterministic environments such as off-highway and military equipment. We focus on high-fidelity, realtime simulation of mobile legged, wheeled and tracked machines and their interaction with terrain and other objects in their environment.

Meet our Leadership Team

This young and dynamic company is backed by a powerhouse of experienced industry professionals. Their decades of expertise span robotics, computer science, simulation, and business development.

Dr. Arnold Free

Founder and CEO


Dr. Pierre Fiorini

Director, AI R&D

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Helping you build the best simulators for driver-in-the-loop, training and testing with Traxara’s haptics, motion and simulation services.

Connect with us

Let’s get together, in person or on the web.

Seeing, and feeing, is believing. Visit with Traxara at one of these events so we can get to know you and better understand your goals.


Aug. 21-25

IAVSD is a leading international symposium bringing together researchers and engineers in the field of vehicle dynamics. The Traxara team will be attending, and we look forward to meeting you.


Sept. 6-8

Driver Simulation Conference brings together hundreds of driving simulation specialists. The Traxara team will be attending, and we look forward to meeting you.


Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

Traxara Booth 826

The world’s largest modelling, simulation and training event with more than 12,000 visitors. See demonstrations of our haptic controls and motion solutions, ready to plug and play.

TDrive is simply the most advanced integrated haptic and motion solution for driving simulation.

When the human interface must be right, rely on TDrive connected haptics and motion for the best possible results.

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