TMotion adds best-in-class, affordable, plug-n-play motion to your simulator.

TMotion plugs into your simulation platform to deliver realistic motion for flight, driving, maritime and other applications.

Fits any simulator application.

TMotion is design to fit seamlessly into your simulator application. Reconfigurable and plug-and-play for flight, driving, maritime and other simulator applications.

Traxara Helps to Integrate Your Solution

Together we will realize your bold ambitions. Traxara provides expert support and services for both software and hardware integration of TMotion into your simulator application.

Seamless Integration

Motion is not a game to us. We get you moving fast with supporting documentation, training, and implementation services. Our motion and haptics experts can help you create incredible realism. This is possible because TMotion outperforms game-technology – it is built for simulation. It combines responsive, high-performance hardware with extensive motion processing software. Contact us to learn just how easy it is to add motion to your simulation.

The Right Motion

Motion sickness is all too common with gaming-technology. That’s because of slow response and low speed/acceleration of actuators and inadequate motion processing – it all just gets washed-out and not in sync with the simulation. TMotion is completely different, with industry leading <1ms response, high speed and accelerations and long stroke lengths. This means you can render realistic motion without motion induced sickness.

Custom Configurations

TDrive provides standard multi-DOF configurations by combining multiple actuators and the TDrive framework. We can also provide custom configurations for specialized motion applications. 1 to 6 DOF motion systems can be created with TMotion hardware and custom software extensions. Our standard API offers extensive features for motion processing and cueing, and we can address your specific needs through custom extensions.


TMotion combines high load with high speed/accelerations and the advanced TDrive software toolkit.
Motion Range100, 200 & 300 mm | 4, 8 and 12 inch
Maximum Force300 kg | 660 lbs
Continuous Force180 kg | 400 lbs
Max Acceleration±2g
Max Speed250 mm/s | 10 in/s
Response Time0.5 ms from API command
Position Resolution0.001 mm | 0.04 mils
Communication4 kHz, Ethernet (RJ45 connector)
Device FeedbackPosition, velocity and temperature
SafetyMulti-layer software and hardware
Power Supply90-250 V, 50-60 Hz (single phase)
MountingBody mounting holes, brackets available, captive and non-captive floor mounts
API functionsPosition control, force control, extensive library of motion effects.

Large Range of Motion.

TMotion is available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm (4, 8 and 12 inch) motion ranges. All with the same response, load, speed and acceleration performance.

Plug-and-play in Multi-DOF Configurations

TMotion is available in standard plug-and-play configurations for 2 DOF and 3DOF applications.
Contact us if you require additional configurations.

2DOF – 2 Actuators

Two actuators and a pivot can be combined to create 2DOF motion for pitch and roll around the pivot. If the seated position is closer to the actuators this results in heave and roll motion.

3DOF – 3 Actuators

Three actuators can be combined to create a 3DOF motion for pitch, roll and heave at the seated position. For lower payload applications this reduces cost. It also allows for actuators to be captively mounted for higher G forces.

3DOF – 4 Actuators

Four actuators can be combined to create a 3DOF motion for pitch, roll and heave at the seated position. This is ideal for higher payload applications. Pitch and roll can be increased by reducing the distance between actuators.

Compact Industrial Design without Compromise

TMotion is the most compact motion solution available. It’s rugged design fits in your simulator application and is available with optional mounting brackets and floor mounts. Available in three sizes.

TDrive is simply the most advanced integrated haptic and motion solution for driving simulation.

When the human interface must be right, rely on TDrive connected haptics and motion for the best possible results.

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